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NO 135SB

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Stannton Braided Carbon Fiber Bow

By Stannton--A Braided Carbon Fiber Bow of Superior quality, black shaft-round, Fully lined Ebony Frog, Silver Colored Wire and Leather Wrapped. These... more info.

REG: $293.60 CAD
SALE: $195.75 CAD
≈ $146.53 USD

NO 240 SR

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Shoulder Rest

Bon Musica Shoulder Rest--Quality Made in Germany. All new disign, hooks over the shoulder thus holding the instrument from sliding. Fully adjustable ... more info.

REG: $59.60 CAD
SALE: $54.50 CAD
≈ $40.80 USD

NO 375

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Flower Tailpiece

Old French Style Tailpiece, Black Ebony with inlayed flower, Violin full size 4/4.... more info.

REG: $18.50 CAD
SALE: $10.00 CAD
≈ $7.49 USD

NO 440 ET

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Eclipse Tuner

New: Eclipse Tuner by D'Addario. Affordable no longer means compromise. The New modestly priced tuner with unparalleled performance. Chromatic Clip on... more info.

REG: $26.00 CAD
SALE: $19.90 CAD
≈ $14.90 USD

NO 770T

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Fishtail Out Cannel Gouge

Fishtail--Out Cannel Gouge--Made in Japan--Overall length is approx. 9 1/2 inches--Blade cutting edge 1/2 inches wide. On sale till end of stock.... more info.

REG: $72.80 CAD
SALE: $57.20 CAD
≈ $42.82 USD

NO 772T

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Paring Chisel

Fishtail Tapered Paring Chisel--the unique feature of these Chisels is the blade which tapers from the cutting edge to the shank thus allowing greater... more info.

REG: $95.80 CAD
SALE: $81.30 CAD
≈ $60.86 USD

NO 817T

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Incannel Palm Gouge 3/4 inch

Made in Japan--Incannel Palm Gough--3/4 inch Wide Blade--On sale till end of stock.... more info.

REG: $91.00 CAD
SALE: $77.85 CAD
≈ $58.28 USD

NO 824T

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Japanese Flush Cut Saw

Made in Japan--Fine tooth Flush Cutting Razor Saw has a blade size of 4 inches with an overall length of 8 1/4 inches. The blade thickness is 0.012 in... more info.

REG: $24.95 CAD
SALE: $19.65 CAD
≈ $14.71 USD

NO VT 701

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McIntyre Violin Carpenter Jack

McIntyre Carpenter Jack--1/4 inch female jack that mounts to the side of the instrument. Violin size 3/4 and full size 4/4. Same Jack that is supplied... more info.

REG: $43.25 CAD
SALE: $35.00 CAD
≈ $26.20 USD

NO. 614 BK

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Opening Lines

By Gordon Stobbe: Opening Lines, an alphabetical listing of opening phrases for 220 Canadian Old Time Fiddle Hits, including waltzes, Jigs, Reels and ... more info.

REG: $12.00 CAD
SALE: $9.00 CAD
≈ $6.74 USD

NO. 814T

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Palm Gouge

Made in Japan--Incannel Gouge with Palm Handle. Many Violin Carvers prefer to work with palm-handled tools. The incannel bevel means you can make conc... more info.

REG: $84.17 CAD
SALE: $71.50 CAD
≈ $53.52 USD

NO. 816T

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Palm Gouge

Made in Japan---Incannel Gouge with Palm Handles--Blade Width 1 inch. On sale till end of stock.... more info.

REG: $102.38 CAD
SALE: $80.65 CAD
≈ $60.37 USD

NO. MR100

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Golden Green Rosin

Golden Green Rosin--made in Germany. A well blended rosin that works very well on all types of strings. We have been testing this Rosin in our shop wi... more info.

REG: $14.65 CAD
SALE: $10.65 CAD
≈ $7.97 USD

NO. RR200

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Resonans Shoulder Rest

Violin Full Size 4/4--Medium Height. To adjust for your instrument squeeze or bend the sides in to fit. All Metal with nice padding. Minimum Stock Ava... more info.

REG: $15.85 CAD
SALE: $12.50 CAD
≈ $9.36 USD

NO. VT 700

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Mc Intyre Pick-Up

McIntrye Violin Transducer Pick Up. Excellent Fiddle pick up which mounts between bridge and tailpiece. Included a lightweight 1/4 inch Female Carpent... more info.

REG: $129.95 CAD
SALE: $103.50 CAD
≈ $77.48 USD